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Give Your Calendar Wings
Plug in the groundbreaking innovations and essential scheduling features of BooktUp's industry-leading online appointment software. Our software fits any business of any size and our customers include small businesses & multi-location, multi-national organizations.
Use Your Website
Schedule from your website. The online scheduling tool works on Wordpress, blogs, and template sites. Or use your BooktUp MiniSite™.
Eliminate cancellations and no-shows. Remind yourself, your employees, and your clients by email or text message.
Plug your customers directly into your calendar from Facebook, Groupon, their home computer, or cell phone. It's fast & easy!
Always On the Go
Manage appointments anywhere, anytime from any web-enabled device. Allow your employees and clients to do the same!
Our school district is using BooktUp appointment scheduling software to book everything from parent-teacher conferences to school club events to student counseling. BooktUp is capable of managing our entire district! It saves school employees and parents hours of time and frustration. - Scott Halestrom
School District Administrator
School & University Scheduling Software
Be a Prodigy: More Revenue, Better Karma.
Operate, manage, and expand your business with more efficiency and success using our robust web-based scheduling software.
Give clients a gift: around-the-clock, convenient, hassle-free online appointment scheduling & management. They love it!
Book appointments online automatically with the BooktUp tool on your site. Manage things in-house or turn 100% over to clients.
Steer business in the right direction with real-time tracking. Get insight into clients, revenues, & service performance segments.
Secure Loyalty™
Encourage loyalty & increase convenience by allowing customers to securely provide billing information at the time of booking.
BooktUp is a GODSEND! I run a traveling spa and BooktUp is the only online scheduler that calculates point-to-point travel time when clients book appointments online. Using BooktUp instead of Genbook keeps schedules full. Last year sales increased by over $50,000! Wow! - Kristen Hemmingway
Mobile Spa & Massage
Spa & Massage Therapy Scheduling Software
Want These Features? Only BooktUp Has 'Em!
Use an online appointment scheding software program that was built by businesses like yours, who know how to schedule. We're not owned or run by "suits", venture capitalists, or programmers. BooktUp is flexible and was designed specifically for your unique needs.
AutoCalc Travel™
Only BooktUp software calc-ulates drive time so traveling businesses don't have to redo every online appointment booked.
Client AutoRecur™
Some services are more effective if done repeatedly. Allow your clients to set their own automatically recurring appointments.
Client ReBooking™
Repeat business is the best type. In every appointment reminder we invite your clients to schedule more appointments with you.
TipMe Feedback™
Let them say it with $$. If you want, we'll requests tips for you via email so clients can tell you how great you did.
We can schedule 67 electricians that cover 345 miles from any of our 5 offices. Our customers can schedule for all 21 locations we cover. You give us help immediately. There's nothing out there like BooktUp (we looked)! - Joseph Nunez
Handyman, Plumber, & Electrician Scheduling Software
Online Appointment Scheduling Software & Calendar

90-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee:

We're 100% suret that you'll be satisfied with BooktUp online scheduling, appointment, & reservation software. That is why we offer a 100% risk-free guarantee. Simply tell us if you're not happy and we'll issue a refund. It's that easy, no questions asked.
Book Appointments Online! No Credit Card Required!
Web-based Programs Business Solutions

BooktUp is an industry leader in online scheduling and reservations software. Our customers include thousands of organizations of all types and sizes ranging small business to multi-national companies. Plug in the power of BooktUp today! The 30-day trial is 100% free with no credit card required and comes with a 90-day money back satisfaction guarantee on our service. During your free trial you�ll have access to free BooktUp user support, feedback forums, and live setup support from our customer care experts. After starting your subscription you�ll continue to have the same great support and assistance. Tweek things unitl BooktUp fits the needs of your business perfectly. After ironing everything out, you�ll quickly see how smooth and efficient your organization can be with BooktUp calendar and reservation programming.


The ability to let your customers book and manage appointments online has quickly become a fundamental need that your business can�t afford to do without. Customers find and interact with businesses on the Internet with constantly increasing frequency. BooktUp�s robust and powerful features allow you to operate, manage, and expand your business with more efficiency and success than ever before.


No matter what business you're in, and no matter what you need to arrange time for � services, customers, events, patients, students, or anything else � BooktUp will streamline the reservation process, and remove the out-of-date and time consuming method of using the phone and email to manage things manually. Tap into the power of BooktUp and you�ll tap into the high-octane potential of our web-based scheduling software. Every month hundreds of businesses make the switch to web-based reservations using the innovative and industry-leading program we call BooktUp. These businesses find that the functionality and flexibility of BooktUp puts handfuls of automated booking features to work immediately from their own website. BooktUp allows companies like yours to improve their bottom lines quickly and effortlessly. How, you ask? Below are just a few ways that BooktUp does this:

  • Customer self-selection of available times (on your website) eliminates business hour constraints and problems with receptionist availability for your customers. They can book appointments anytime at their convenience entirely on their own. For example, when your staff is at lunch, after hours, when the wait time is long, or whenever. BooktUp has automated this process for you and is a virtual assistant that you and your staff can be sure is hard at work 24 hours a day - keeping your business open around the clock for more reservations and more profitability. Allowing customers to self-select times that are convenient for them without having to call, email, or leave voice mails saves your staff hours upon hours of valuable time and resources by not having to respond customer needs � all because BooktUp is handling it all for you.
  • Automatic reminders & re-booking. Reliable repeat customers are the most valuable type of customer. Unfortunately, your clients live busy lives. No-shows and cancellations mean lost revenue and effort for you. The BooktUp reservation machine manages this problem for you via �the cloud�. It works simply: you choose the reminders you want to send clients, staff, receptionists, and yourself, add a custom message and attach documents to each (if you want), and BooktUp automatically sends the reminders to everyone before every meeting that has been set. You can set your company cancellation and / or rescheduling policy and specify the time frame so your customers know the window they have to make changes without causing problems for you. This also shows them how valuable your time is. With BooktUp, you�ll reduce your no-shows by 100 percent! Best of all, when a customer changes or reschedules something, you�ll be notified immediately of the changes. If the change or cancellation was not in accordance with your policies, you can then handle that with your clients as you see best.
  • Direct-connect between your customers & your schedule, 24/7 - Have you ever wondered how you can make your website more than just an expensive brochure? If you own a service-based business or set reservations of any kind, BooktUp is the answer. Your company�s web-based calendar tool is a direct, real-time link between your customers and your agenda and is available through your website and your a MiniSite™ 24 hours a day. Get real revenue and increased productivity from the Internet and your website by getting confirmed reservations. At the same time reduce the stress and hassles for clients � they�ll love you for it.
  • Secure Loyalty™ payment processing - With Secure Loyalty™ your clients can provide their billing credit card or debit card information to pay for their service at the time of reservation, directly through the web-based reservation tool. This promotes their loyalty and reduces the likelihood that they will cancel or change appointments without properly notifying you or rescheduling. The goal is get your company agenda "BooktUp" and to keep it that way. Our secure credit card capture feature is a key solution in helping you achieve this goal.
  • Business Reports, Client Contact, & History - Most businesses need to be able to quickly and effortlessly access client or patient contact information and history as well as to be able to run reports on centers of profitability. The dynamic functionality of BooktUp provides full capability to access, manage, and sort data for clients, service types, and date ranges - all from within your business portal and without having to keep and manage large and disorganized folders, spreadsheets, or other files.


More Business Testimonials

"Most accountants and lawyers have websites that are just really expensive brochures. Booktup makes my accounting business a real 21st century performer. We're setting appointments and selling services to clients right from our website! It's great. We chose BooktUp because, of all the similar sites out there, BooktUp gives the best bang for the buck. We tried Acuity, GenBook, BookFresh, Doodle, Appointy, ScheduleOnce, Appointment-plus, and several others, but at the end of the day it was BooktUp that did the job for my business." - Greg Graning, Accountant (Accountant & Financial Planner)

Business & Industry Solutions


BooktUp: Used by 1000's of businesses and organizations of all sizes & types. The BooktUp web-based reservation tool is used by businesses, schools, and organizations of all sizes. BooktUp works for these businesses whether they offer handyman services, guidance counseling, or sound financial planning.


Small & Mid-Sized Business. When choosing a web-based reservation software solution a business needs an efficient, dependable, and customizable platform. BooktUp is the right solution for these types of businesses because of its simplicity, flexibility, and powerful capabilities. Some medium and small businesses that depend on BooktUp daily are:

Tax & Financial Professionals
BooktUp is perfect for tax, accounting, and financial planning professionals because it is low-cost, efficient, and works on every website. If your business provides tax or financial services, you can't afford to not to use BooktUp. There's not other tool that offers so much for such a low monthly price.
BooktUp is perfect for managing times for chiropractic visits because reminders are automatic and BooktUp is the only tool that offers Client AutoRecur™ to allow your clients to set their own recurring appointments on set intervals. BooktUp features also include "BookAgain" buttons and the only TipMe™ feature in the industry.
BooktUp is perfect for managing times for photo shoots and sittings because it offers full flexibility for over-the-phone and in-office time reservation and management as well as via the web-based tool. You can set photography shoots for blocks of time on a service-by-service basis or set up an hourly rate and let customers reserve multiple blocks of time. Its fast and easy for your and your clients.
Massage Therapists
BooktUp is perfect for massage therapists and massage studios because it handles all your needs. It works with multiple therapists at multiple locations. Set Client AutoRecur™ to allow clients to set weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly massages. Use the TipMe Feedback™ feature to automatically ask clients for tips after the massage is complete. For outcall massage BooktUp is the only web-based system that utilizes the power of Google Maps to automatically calculate drive time between appointments for precision every time using AutoCalc Travel™. For massage therapy there is no better tool than BooktUp.
Doctors & Dentists
BooktUp is perfect for arranging visits for doctor and dentist offices because it sends all reminders automatically, distributes forms, maintains client privacy 100%, and works on every website and behind client logins. Offer clients the flexibility and dependability of Client AutoRecur™ to set their own monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual check-ups, cleanings, and more! If you are a doctor or dentist looking for a web-based office and agenda management solution, BooktUp is what you need. Hundreds of doctor and dentist offices rely on BooktUp every day to handle client visits and to manage requests in the office by phone.
Day Spas
BooktUp is perfect for managing day spa reservations because it is sleek and sexy and integrates directly into your website. BooktUp is trusted by thousands of day spas all over the world because it is the only web-based platform that combines the powerful features of Client Auto-Reminders™, Client AutoRecur™, Client ReBooking™ email invites, Secure Loyalty™ payments, and TipMe™ to minimize cancellations and no-shows and to maximize repeat business and tipping. Best of all, it keeps customers on your page instead of taking them to our site to select times.
Hair & Nail Salons
BooktUp is perfect for hair and nail salons because it is sleek and sexy and integrates directly into your website. BooktUp is trusted by thousands of hair and nail salons around the world because it is the onlyweb-based platform that combines the powerful features of Client Auto-Reminders™, Client AutoRecur™, Client ReBooking™ email invites, Secure Loyalty™ payments, and TipMe™ to minimize cancellations and no-shows and to maximize repeat business and tipping. Best of all, it keeps customers on your page instead of taking them to our site to select times.
Landscaping Providers
BooktUp is perfect for arranging lawn care and landscaping work because because it is low-cost, fast, and works on every website. Turn on Client AutoRecur™ to allow clients to set weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly landscaping and maintenance services. Use the TipMe Feedback™ feature to get tips automatically without having to ask for them. BooktUp is the only web-based system that utilizes the power of Google Maps to automatically calculate drive time between addresses for precision every time using AutoCalc Travel™. There is no better way than with the dynamic BooktUp agenda tool to manage time for landscapers.
BooktUp is perfect for setting one-on-ones with athletes and students because it reminds everybody automatically before each meeting by text or email, it allows everyone to see your availability in real-time as slots are reserved, and it is low-cost and easy to use. Even if you don't have your own website you can use your MiniSite™ to set meetings online. The BooktUp web-based reservation tool does all the work for you.
Dance & Music Studios or Instructors
BooktUp is perfect for dance studios, voice lessons, or instrument music lessons because it is easy to use, low-cost, sends automatic reminders to students and instructors, and allows everyone to see availability in real-time as spots are reserved. You can also set group lessons and instruction using the Multi-Book™ feature that allows you to set how many spots are allowed for each time slot. You can use BooktUp even if you don't have a website of your own. Booktup does all the leg-work for you - no more annoying phone and email tag.
Pet Groomers, Daycare & Trainers
BooktUp is perfect for pet grooming, training, or doggy daycares because you can effortlessly keep all of your kennels full, all of your trainers busy, and maximize your time - all automatically. Use Secure Loyalty™ online payments to ensure customer follow-through. Encourage return and repeat business with Client ReBooking™ directly from email and text message notifications. Let the internet, your website, and BooktUp's dependable web-based program handle everything for you.
Auto Repair & Services
BooktUp is perfect for auto mechanics, repair shops, and detailers because it keeps you off the phone and away from the computer, allowing you to spend more time working with customers to resolve their complex automotive problems. Put your website to work and give your front desk a break by letting BooktUp web-based reservation scheduling software fill your bays and lifts effortlessly and automatically. Use Client AutoRecur™ to let customers set regular services like oil changes and tire rotations. Use Secure Loyalty™ web payments to minimize time changes. For mobile detail shops, the powerful BooktUp AutoCalc™ Travel feature automatically calculates your drive time between addresseses for precision in every reservation..
Schools, Universities & Educators
BooktUp is perfect for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, school districts and universities because it allows unlimited use for multiple locations and literally hundreds or thousands of staff - all for the same low price. Allow parents and teachers to set parent-teacher meetings on the web, schedule club events, counseling, advisement, admissions and more! Remind students and parents about meetings and distribute forms through automatic email and text message reminders. Use the BooktUp tool on as many pages of your website as you want to maximize exposure. BooktUp makes it easy to reserve and manage schedules and time slots online.
Home & Cleaning Services
BooktUp is perfect for house cleaning, carpet cleaning, and home other home service businesses because it is the only web-based reservation program that uses the power of Google Maps and AutoCalc Travel™ to precisely calculate drive time between existing meetings and those being set by customers via the Internet. Other web-based schedulers force you to constantly rebook and rearrange times after they've already been set online, but with BooktUp reservations are perfect every time so you don't have to worry. BooktUp also maximizes your revenue with Client ReBooking™ invites in emails, Client AutoRecur™ for setting recurring visits, and TipMe™ feedback options.
Event & Class Scheduling
BooktUp software is perfect for scheduling classes and events because it utilizes Multi-Booking™, a powerful and dynamic system that allows you to open time slots to as many people as you want. Schedule a concert if you want. Overbook your space if you want (like airlines do). Use Secure Loyalty™ online client payments to make sure the people who reserve the spots show up. Schools and universities can use Multi-Booking™ to fill up seminars, tutoring sessions, and other special events. BooktUp is the online reservations software that handles any need of any size for one simple price.
Yoga, Fitness & Wellness
BooktUp is perfect for yoga studios and instructors, fitness clubs, gyms, nutritionists, personal trainers and other wellness providers because it is the only web tool that makes reservations for anything from one-on-one sessions to group exercise classes - all from within a single platform that is dependable and powerful. Use Secure Loyalty™ wepayments to eliminate no-shows and keep the unmotivated and unserious from taking up valuable time and space. BooktUp is perfect for large businesses or for a single instructor or trainer. No personal website is necessary, but large businesses can use the BooktUp tool over multiple locations and on unlimited website pages.
Tanning Salons
BooktUp is perfect for tanning salons because is simple to use for clients and staff, it can handle multiple beds and other resources, and it works for one salon or a whole chain. Your salon will be setting tanning sessions around the clock, while phones are busy, and while your employees are cleaning beds and helping customers. With Client AutoRecur™ your customers can set automatically recurring tanning sessions by day, week, or month. You can ensure beds aren't left empty using Secure Loyalty™ web-based payments. Use one pricing method for those with tanning memberships and another for walk-in clients. BooktUp does everything automatically and can remind clients and staff by email or text message.
BooktUp is perfect for acupuncturists because it is low-cost, works on any website or blog (and even without a website using the MiniSite™), and because it has perfect features to help you promote your business and maximize profit in simple and effective ways without any extra effort. BooktUp is trusted by thousands of acupuncturists around the world because it is the only web-based reservation program that combines the powerful features of Client Auto-Reminders™, Client AutoRecur™ appointments booking, Client ReBooking™ email invites, Secure Loyalty™ web payments, and TipMe™ Feedback - which work together to minimize cancellations and to maximize repeat business.


Out-Call & Traveling Service Business. Businesses that provide services at clients' homes or businesses have a unique problem with scheduling: they never know where they'll be and how far away one appointment will be from the next one that is booked. Out-call businesses also depend more heavily on recurring services that are provided on a consistent basis. Employees of these companies frequently perform difficult physical labor for customers who scrutinize thier work. BooktUp provides simple and powerful solutions to these problems that mobile and outcall service providers and businesses can't do without. Offered only by BooktUp, these software features cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet. They include:

AutoCalc Travel™
Gotta drive? Reservation software that does not account for drive time between addresses when allowing clients to get confirmed times online simply does not work for an out-call or traveling business. BooktUp harnesses the power of Google Maps to solve this problem. When your customers reserve time or book appointments online AutoCalc Travel™ uses the address of the customer who is booking to calculate the drive time from that customer's address to all other existing appointment addresses, and shows your available time slots accordingly. Trying to account for travel by "appointment padding" wastes valuable time and results in lost revenue. Rescheduling every time a client sets a time is a hassle and annoys clients. Innovative and dynamic AutoCalc Travel™ is used and trusted by thousands of traveling businesses and is only available with Booktup.
Client AutoRecur™
Web-based reservation software can automate the recurring visit process for you and allow customers to set their own automatically recurring visits. Web-based programs that forces clients to ask you for recurring appointments or for you to set them manually are not acceptable. BooktUp "does your bidding" (your highness) and helps clients to set automatically recurring appointments from within the scheduler tool on your website. For services that need to be performed regularly to achieve the best results (massage, hair cuts, tire rotations, dental cleanings, training etc), use Client AutoRecur™ to define on what intervals to offer them to clients. Clients do the rest. The power of Client AtuoRecur™ helps thousands of businesses who rely on repeat customers and is only available with Booktup.
TipMe™ Feedback
Feedback is important, but published online customer reviews, while valuable, can be negative, can hurt business instead of help it, and never create incentives for employees to perform at high levels. BooktUp believes good feedback is the best for everyone. Good feedback is warm AND fuzzy. Employees do better when praised, not criticized. BooktUp gently nudges clients in the right direction with TipMe™ Feedback which allows them say "Good job!" by putting a few extra $$ in employees pockets. This simple and secure feature allows clients to authorize an additional charge amount for an employee tip. Employee-praised TipMe™ is used by thousands of businesses to get feedback and improve employee performance. TipMe™ is only available with Booktup.
Client ReBooking™
Every business wants more repeat customers, better customer loyalty, and more appointments. Web-based scheduling and reservation software is not "worthy of its hire" unless it uses every opportunity to help you achieve those goals. Asking clients to "Book Again" might seem difficult (and kind of amazing), but its very simple and it�s exactly what BooktUp does using Client ReBooking�. In emails reminders sent to customers Client ReBooking� includes a simple invitation for customers to "Book Again". Clicking on the button in the email takes them directly to your web-based scheduler and allows them to set a repeat visit. Never miss another opportunity again with Client ReBooking� - which has generated millions of repeat appointments for businesses who want and need more appointments. This feature is only available with Booktup.
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